Custom Big Z Poison Tail Bass Jig (44 Strand)

Head Size 


Hook Size
(Premium 28 degree black nickel fishing hook with a modified wide gap bend)

Weed Guard Color

Head Color
Head Color will be Powder Coated
(See Powder Paint Colors page for Available Colors)

Eye Color


All Skirts are collared at approx. 50%/50% to allow for customer trimming.

This skirt is comprised of two skirt tabs (44 strands), The two tabs
can be the same or different.
See Skirt Color Choices page for colors and part #

Skirt Tab 1


Skirt Tab 2


Skirt Band Color

(See Skirt Band Color Choices page for Colors) 

Skirt Collar Color

Note: If there is a color combination in either head paint colors or skirt colors that is not available through the online choices please call or email us and we will do our best to make you the jig you want.